A simple unstructured P2P network implementation in Java

Hello everyone, I have developed an unstructured P2P network using Java and Netty recently. You can check its source code on Github. Any contribution is welcomed. »

K-Means Clustering with 80 lines of Scala

I just implemented the K-Means clustering algorithm with 80 lines of Scala. read and createRandomCentroids methods are quite dummy and can be written much better. You »

Practical Functional Programming

Here is the slides of the talk I gave in March 2015 about functional programming and Scala. Ankara Jug - Practical Functional Programming with Scala from »

Intellij IDEA "Mac OS X" Keymap Kısayolları

Listelenen kısayollar Intellij IDEA'nın "Mac OS X" dizilimi (default aktif olan) için verilmiştir, "Mac OS X 10.5+" dizilimi aşağıdaki listeden farklıdır. IDEALinux, Windows kullanıcıları Option »

cd to the directories you "frequently and recently" use pretty easily with Z

Z is a command line tool that helps you to cd to directories you use with just a few keystores. It manages this by tracking the »