K-Means Clustering with 80 lines of Scala

I just implemented the K-Means clustering algorithm with 80 lines of Scala. read and createRandomCentroids methods are quite dummy and can be written much better. You »

Practical Functional Programming

Here is the slides of the talk I gave in March 2015 about functional programming and Scala. Ankara Jug - Practical Functional Programming with Scala from »

Intellij IDEA "Mac OS X" Keymap Kısayolları

Listelenen kısayollar Intellij IDEA'nın "Mac OS X" dizilimi (default aktif olan) için verilmiştir, "Mac OS X 10.5+" dizilimi aşağıdaki listeden farklıdır. IDEALinux, Windows kullanıcıları Option »

cd to the directories you "frequently and recently" use pretty easily with Z

Z is a command line tool that helps you to cd to directories you use with just a few keystores. It manages this by tracking the »

Microsoft named new Windows version as Windows 10 because of

Microsoft named new Windows version as Windows 10 since the name "Windows 9" may break many parts of the existing code because of this lazily written »